Updated Skytide Analytical Platform Delivers Solution Set for Online Content Delivery

Latest Skytide release targets analysis of large, diverse data sets

Skytide has updated its Skytide Analytical Platform with application sets that target revenue opportunity analysis for companies providing Web content. The release includes technologies and new application sets so organizations can derive value from the control data related to the content delivered over the network.

Among the key components in the new Skytide Analytical Platform 2:

  • New Analytical Applications: Internal- and external-facing analytical applications enable an organization to process extremely high volumes of diverse data. New application sets include: traffic segmentation analysis, customer segmentation analysis, content uptake analysis, content segmentation analysis, application segmentation analysis, and storage segmentation analysis. Each application set contains standardized parsers that quickly connect with the most common data sources plus pre-configured analytical models and automated reports.

  • Flexible Views of Results: Users have immediate, continuous access to views of analytical results through the industry standard presentation tools, including Corda, CrystalReports and JasperSoft so users can understand the business impact of the data such as the ROI of an ad campaign.

Traditional business intelligence and Web analytics tools work with limited sources of data which must be restructured and stored in a relational data base or data warehouse. Instead, Skytide directly connects with (and analyzes) all data related to online content transmission, content access, quality of service, and user behavior, and shows users the specific details and overall context, such as content utilization and segmentation of individual content (such as videos and audio files).

For more information, visit http://www.skytide.com

About the Author

James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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