PingFederate 5.0 Automatically Establishes Secure SAML SSO Connections

Upgrade to the company’s identity federation software

Ping Identity today released PingFederate 5.0, an upgrade to the company’s identity federation software. PingFederate 5.0, available for download, now includes Auto-Connect which automatically establishes SAML connections for secure Internet single sign-on (SSO) in seconds instead of the weeks or months the company says is often required by other products.

The popularity of hosted software and business process outsourcing (BPO) is driving demand for secure Internet single sign-on. “Widely-accepted standard protocols such as SAML are ideally suited to deliver SSO for these applications, but until now, implementation of SAML-based projects could take months,” the company said in a statement.

Auto-Connect automatically creates secure SAML SSO connections quickly, eliminating the manual tasks typically necessary to configure SAML connections (such as exchanging certificates and configuration data).

“Our goal is to make secure Internet single sign-on as easy as setting up an e-mail server,” said Andre Durand, Ping Identity CEO, in a statement. “SAML adoption has been hindered by the complexity of manually establishing and testing connections. Auto-Connect changes all of that.”

Also new in this version:

  • Enhanced clustering allows administrators to deploy multiple PingFederate servers in clusters across multiple data centers, improving throughput and availability

  • SNMP support lets administrators monitor PingFederate with enterprise system management tools

  • Additional integration kits help link PingFederate with custom PHP applications, Apache, Microsoft IIS, and Microsoft SharePoint

  • An Advanced Authentication module simplifies integration with complex authentication mechanisms

  • Improved certificate management, including certificate expiration alerts, support for Certificate Revocation Lists, and an improved GUI to simplify certificate administration

A free trial is available at

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