Packet Analytics Launches Free Downloadable Network Forensic Search Engine

Net/FSE is browser-based workflow solution providing security analysts with real-time analysis of NetFlow data

Network security tools vendor Packet Analytics launched Net/FSE, the Network Forensic Search Engine. Net/FSE is a commercial search engine for enterprise network data that focuses on security incident responses by using NetFlow data and digging into network alerts.

The browser-based workflow tool is built for security analysts and uses proprietary search technology licensed from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Net/FSE allows network security analysts to quickly address network alerts and anomalies by analyzing terabytes of NetFlow router data in real time using a scalable search engine.

“Our research consistently indicates that flow data, including NetFlow, will be increasingly leveraged to improve network security and operations,” said Derek E. Brink, vice president and research director for IT Security, Aberdeen Group, in a statement from Packet Analytics. “Overall, organizations surveyed indicate about 90 percent year-over-year growth in deployment of solutions that leverage network flow data, based on planned use in the next 12 months versus current use.”

When a network security alert arises within an enterprise firewall, intrusion detection system, or security information management system, security analysts typically lack the access they need to the context that permits them to respond effectively to the event. Wit Net/FSE, these analysts can collect and quickly search their NetFlow and other network data to determine the impact of the alert and then prepare their response.

Net/FSE requires minimal administration and can be installed on servers running Linux. A full-featured Net/FSE can be downloaded for free at

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