DataDirect Offers MySQL XQuery Product

Solution features querying power across both relational and XML stores

DataDirect issued an announcement last week that it has updated its DataDirect XQuery solution, which now supports XQuery functionality in the open source MySQL Enterprise Server relational database management system (RDBMS). XQuery is a W3C recommendation for an engine that can be used to query XML stores and XML data in RDBMSes.

DataDirect XQuery is an enterprise-grade XQuery processor. According to DataDirect's announcement, the MySQL add-on can query "XML, relational data, SOAP messages, EDI [Electronic Data Interchange], legacy or a combination of data sources." Furthermore, DataDirect XQuery can be embedded in any Java program and supports the XQuery for Java API.

The solution also can translate XQuery statements into standard SQL statements for execution in an RDBMS.

"DataDirect XQuery allows for scalable, highly optimized access to relational data as XML and to update relational data from XML," stated Dr. Carlo Innocenti, senior XML program manager at DataDirect, in the announcement. "It provides MySQL database users with seamless integration for all data formats to help overcome the most demanding data integration challenges."

DataDirect XQuery has many uses, such as processing XML within MySQL, processing EDI as XML and archiving XML inside a MySQL database.

More information on DataDirect XQuery for MySQL Enterprise Server is available here.

MySQL, the company, recently made the news when Sun Microsystems disclosed its $1 billion acquisition bid. The MySQL product is part of the popular LAMP open source solution stack.

-- Will Kraft

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