StoredIQ eDiscovery Appliance 4.5 Provides One-Click Automation for Litigation Readiness

Update automates e-discovery lifecycle, from collection to load file generation

StoredIQ, Inc. has released what it says is the first true, one-click automation of the eDiscovery process. When the appliance is deployed within your IT infrastructure, it can identify, collect, and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) and provides tools to assist in legal review for eDiscovery.

The litigation eDiscovery process and fees for the associated legal review are costly and time-consuming because of manual tasks, staffing, and the use of disparate tools. As data volumes and litigation grow, an enterprise must be able to streamline and enhance eDiscovery, which is typically based on the industry-standard Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

The company says that the product’s “Intelligent Collection methodology identifies, automatically collects, and applies litigation holds on only the smallest, legally defensible data set.” This prevents over-collection of data and avoids the risk of spoliation (loss of good faith by a court. Intelligent Collection enables legal teams to profile and index ESI on active network, e-mail, and file servers, content management and storage systems, and desktops.

StoredIQ 4.5 also features a new Discovery Investigator role that can view view real-time data topology reports and search active data based on metadata, concepts, or keywords at any time, allowing users to tag data that should be collected, preserved, and processed.

StoredIQ 4.5 also allows for the selective output of files contained within compressed files such as ZIP, TAR, and RAR files. It can preserve all metadata attributes and parent-child relationships of responsive objects upon extraction.

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