Symphoniq's TrueView for SOA Offers Monitoring Solution

Web application performance-monitor designed to maximize SOA benefits

Symphoniq has released TrueView for SOA which the company says is the industry's first Web application-monitoring solution that provides insight into the complexities of SOA from the end-user perspective. TrueView for SOA tags and traces transactions across all architecture tiers, including external cloud services, so SOA performance can be optimized. Users can see where SOA services live, how they are being used, and how performance is affecting end users.

"SOA deployments are becoming the 'acid test' for application management products, and many existing solutions can't make the grade," said Julie Craig, senior analyst at EMA. "Symphoniq's TrueView technology monitors internal and external services from an 'outside in' perspective that is based on the real end user experience. This provides organizations with a clear view of how services are functioning and where and why performance bottlenecks exist. As complexity increases, this vantage point will provide an essential piece of the SOA management puzzle."

IT is faced with the complexities of SOA adoption while needing to manage the services’ performance at the lowest possible cost without compromising the experience for end users.

TrueView for SOA detects problems as the end user experiences them. It idenifies, correlates, and pinpoints the root cause of performance problems before they grow.

"As more organizations turn to SOA with the goal of achieving reduced development cost, increased business agility and a faster time to market, our solution helps them better manage those distributed services so that they do not negatively impact the end user experience," said Hon Wong, CEO and co-founder of Symphoniq, in a statement.

TrueView for SOA also:

  • Measures real end-user experience using the application within a browser regardless of the number of services involved in a response

  • Shows which services and machines “have federated together to provide end-user functionality and response”

  • Provides drill-down into “service performance problem code encountered in any end-user response”

  • Supports heterogeneous environments, including J2EE & .NET

TrueView for SOA is available now. More information is available at

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