Agentless Solution Helps IT Ensure Security, Compliance of VMware Environments

Tripwire Enterprise for VMware ESX Server can maintain known, trusted state across virtual infrastructure

Tripwire Inc. has released a new agentless solution to help IT organizations ensure the security and compliance of VMware environments. Tripwire Enterprise for VMware ESX Server provides continuous compliance to operational, regulatory, and security standards through configuration assessment policies that allow users to proactively manage their configurations. Tripwire can detect changes to your infrastructure that are out of compliance with security policies to ensure control of configuration changes across the hypervisor.

According to Gartner’s Neil MacDonald, “Like their physical counterparts, most security vulnerabilities will be introduced through misconfiguration and mismanagement.” He recommends that users define VM standards, baseline secure configuration, and test the environment over time.

Tripwire says it can help VMware customers make their virtual infrastructures comply with internal standards as well as auditor requirements for given regulations. Tripwire provides Center for Internet Security (CIS) VMware policies to provide additional security when configuring the hypervisor. According to the company, it continually audits changes to VMware ESX Server to ensure configurations remain in known, trusted states.

“As customers move their critical applications from physical environments to VMware virtualized infrastructures, they are also looking for ways to further improve the operation and management of their systems and easily keep them compliant with operational and regulatory policies,” said Brian Byun, vice president of global partners and solutions at VMware.

Tripwire Enterprise provides visibility of configuration changes to VMware Infrastructure as well as a historic state of the infrastructure for audit purposes.

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