EasyAsk for Operational BI Simplifies Sales and Marketing Analytics

New EasyAsk software solution provides sales and marketing professionals with quick and easy access to critical information

Progress Software Corporation released Progress EasyAsk for Operational Business Intelligence (BI) software that provides a turnkey sales and marketing analytics solution, supplying quick and easy access to, and analysis of, customer and marketing data without requiring knowledge of the underlying data structure or heavy reporting tool skills.

The software lets business users ask questions in natural language (such as “list all customers who purchased product X last month”) and generates a report with the answer. Reports can be saved for future reference and can be shared with others.

Quick retrieval of information without reliance on IT relieves bottlenecks when new information is needed. The product includes a specialized dictionary with sales and marketing terms and phrases that can be customized with the organization’s common terms. EasyAsk can access data in multiple databases or through 3rd party vendor BI tools.

More information is available at http://www.progress.com.

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