Software Releases webMethods Application Modernization Suite

Suite brings SOA, universal data access, and Web enablement to mainframes

Software AG released its webMethods Application Modernization Suite that it says revitalizes and extends mainframe applications. The leverages the company’s experience in service-oriented architectures (SOA) and business process management (BPM) markets, and builds upon nearly forty-years of mainframe experience.

Enterprises can use the suite to redeploy existing mainframe functionality and data. As Dr. Peter Kürpick, president and chief product officer for Software AG’s webMethods division, explained in a company-issued statement, “For too long, enterprises have been left to address their application modernization requirements tactically with stopgap solutions. With mainframe systems here to stay, we believe that a more strategic approach is required. While Web enablement and data integration address significant requirements, long-term business agility can only be achieved when an organization can leverage its mainframe assets within an enterprise SOA. This ensures that critical functionality is readily accessible across all of the core business processes of the enterprise.”

The webMethods Application Modernization Suite includes new products, updated Software AG tools, and webMethods assets that were acquired recently. It combines a “low-risk, non-invasive Web enablement solution, a standards-based mainframe data integration solution, and technologies for enterprise-scale SOA enablement, governance, lifecycle management and deployment,” the company says.

The suite is available in several versions:

  • Web Edition can transform “green screen” applications into Web interfaces

  • SQL Edition provides users with a unified real-time view of enterprise data from within nearly any enterprise application or reporting tool, offering real-time, SQL-based access and a unified view of one or more relational and non-relational data sources (including Adabas, VSAM, C-ISAM, DISAM, RMS, DataFlex, Powerflex, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Rdb, Sybase, and Informix)

  • SOA Edition helps IT manage services for optimal performance and maximum return; the bundle includes webMethods ApplinX (service enablement of application screen flows), webMethods EntireX (service enablement of programming logic), the webMethods ESB (service orchestration and runtime deployment), and CentraSite (service governance and lifecycle management)

WebMethods EntireX v8.0, available now, has been updated to include integration with the webMethods ESB, support for large CICS message sizes, enhanced COBOL support, Reliable & Asynchronous Service Calls, and simplified configuration.

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