SPSS Survey Update Helps Improve Response Rates

Dimensions 5.0 simplifies capture of customer attitudes, opinions, experiences

SPSS Inc. has updated its Dimensions survey software. Version 5.0 includes a Question Wizard, a Web-based Reporter, and Remote Manager to boost survey response rates, provide better access to respondents, simplify creation of powerful and visually appealing surveys, and speed delivery of interactive results.

The company says market research firms and commercial organizations use Dimensions 5.0 to “better capture survey data, engage in customer dialogue and interactivity, conduct election polling, and capture census data to gain the deepest level of understanding of customers, citizens, or employees.” IT could use the product to gauge user feedback from its own customers.

“Single-channel departmental surveys have limited value and are making way for more holistic enterprise feedback management solutions,” said Jim Davies, research director at Gartner Inc., in a statement issued by SPSS. “Those solutions empower decision makers by delivering appropriate feedback of attitudinal data from both unstructured and structured sources with transactional data about customer behavior to increase customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value.”

New features in Dimensions 5.0 help users:

  • Easily create visually appealing surveys using dynamic and powerful questionnaires, and the new Desktop Author engages respondents and improves response rates; surveys can be deployed via the Web, telephone, paper and mobile devices

  • Quickly create surveys with the new Question Wizard which guides and simplifies survey creation by automatically generating and populating questionnaires after a user answers a few questions

  • Secure and centralize survey assets in the Predictive Enterprise Repository, minimizing duplication and maintaining research or corporate standards (such as core demographics, product preference questions, and tracking studies)

  • Manage, control, and collect data in any location, regardless of internet connection; the product’s Remote Manager directs data connections from the field without compromising the interviewing and data collection process

  • Deploy and manage results quickly; the new Web-based interactive Reporter allows users to quickly publish and share reports in a visual form; users can drill-down into the survey reports and aggregate results

Dimensions 5.0 is also integrated with SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services, the company’s enterprise-level predictive analytics platform, and integrates with Clementine, its data- and text-mining technology.

For more information, visit http://www.spss.com

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