Packeteer Releases Small, Comprehensive WAN Optimization Appliance

PacketShaper 900 offers WAN optimization in small, energy-efficient package

Packeteer released the PacketShaper 900 (PS900) appliance, which the company says is the industry’s smallest WAN optimization appliance offering visibility, control, compression, and acceleration of application traffic. The PS900 delivers the functionality of the company’s larger PacketShaper models in a small form factor and is suited to remote sites where space and power are constrained.

“Even in environments where space and power consumption are a factor, businesses and organizations still require full and powerful WAN optimization tools,” said Dr. Jim Metzler, analyst at Ashton, Metzler & Associates in a statement. “Military organizations with vehicles in the field, oil and gas manufacturers with mobile research labs, and even chain stores with kiosk or storefront locations are all examples where performance can’t be sacrificed because of space or power limitations.”

The PS900 can:

  • Monitor and troubleshoot performance, enforce QoS policies, and intelligently accelerate applications on a single device

  • Provide high-definition application visibility and analysis (Layer 7 Plus)

  • Support multiple (primary/backup or multi-homed) WAN connections

  • Provide fail-to-wire capability on both pairs of ports, supporting redundant WAN connections

The company is also releasing PS900 Lite, which includes the same visibility and optimization technology as the PS900 but supports fewer traffic classes and several detailed performance reports.

More information is available at

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