Imperva Prevents Fraud by Monitoring Database Changes

SecureSphere provides row-level data auditing and alerts without requiring changes to database or applications

Imperva, an application data security and compliance provider, has updated its SecureSphere Database Security Gateways product to automatically identify and alert users about suspicious changes to database values at the row level. SecureSphere uses Redo logs to transparently monitor changes and pinpoint who executed them.

Several regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, mandate change controls for financial information; unauthorized changes can lead to forensic investigations to uncover what data changed and restore the original values. SecureSphere’s Track Value Changes feature monitors and audits the values of a specific record or a subset of table rows noting values before and after changes are made. Organizations can set independent controls that generate alerts when changes made to data values violate pre-established policies or thresholds, which can aid in spotting potent fraud.

Amichai Shulman, CTO of Imperva, said in a statement, "Unlike conventional approaches for tracking value changes, SecureSphere does not force organizations to write invasive triggers, and can alert based on threshold or other policy violations in addition to recording before and after values."

The Track Value Changes capability requires no changes to existing databases and does not disrupt application processes.

The Track Value Changes module is available immediately with SecureSphere version 6.0. Additional information can be found at

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