Proginet Unveils E-Mail Attachment Manager

CFI Attachment Manager solves attachment challenges: size, storage, security, auditability

Proginet Corporation has released CFI Attachment Manager, a new software-based solution that tackles problems with incoming and outgoing e-mail attachments. The software allows customers to “securely exchange e-mail attachments of any size, eliminate mailbox and server clutter, and control and audit all attachments for regulatory compliance and e-discovery purposes,” according to the company.

CFI Attachment Manager integrates with Outlook 2003 and 2007 and encrypts attachments while in transit between the sender and recipient and while at rest awaiting receipt. Attachments can be placed behind firewalls and DMZ's for additional security. CFI Attachment Manager creates logs and time stamps at every step, providing auditability and compliance with organizational policies and industry regulations.

"A growing number of our security-conscious customers and partners are no longer allowing access through FTP or SSH, which poses a significant business problem in sharing large files with them." said Michael Weremecki, IT manager for Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc., who notes that the program “has eliminated issues with maintaining and backing up our email servers.”

CFI Attachment Manager, due March 31, is priced on a software license or subscription basis. Additional information can be found at

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