Wasabi Updates Storage Builder for iSCSI SAN

Full support for RAID 6 and 60, better performance, and improved system monitoring and control top list of improvements

Wasabi Systems has updated its network storage operating system, Wasabi Storage Builder for iSCSI SAN. Version 4.1 improves performance across several hardware platforms and enhances several features so system builders, solution providers, and OEMs can build iSCSI SAN storage appliances with greater ease.

The upgraded features of Wasabi Storage Builder v4.1 include:

  • Full support for RAID 6, 60 for most current LSI, Intel, SuperMicro and 3ware SAS/SATA RAID controllers; logging and error recovery are improved

  • Improved efficiency of system monitoring and control allows provides users with views of view system temperatures, system component status, and alarm status and settings

  • Additional SAS expander support and full support for SAS HBA, including drive removal and replacement; reliability options for nested RAID levels have been expanded

  • UI enhancements make the storage target easier to configure and manage; support for multiple SAS RAID controllers in a single target has been improved; also improved is a security mechanism for protecting passwords

Wasabi Storage Builder v4.1 provides full support for virtualized server environments using both VMware and Virtual Iron. It can be used to boot diskless servers, workstations, or clients using emBoot’s WinBoot or NetBoot.

More information is available at http://www.wasabisystems.com.

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