Azaleos Adds Protection to Services for Remotely Managing Microsoft Exchange

New ProtectXchange uses MessageLabs’ security technology

Azaleos Corporation has released ProtectXchange, its new e-mail security product as part of the OneStop group of Microsoft Exchange managed services. ProtectXchange, protects e-mail that is managed by Azaleos against malware such as spam and viruses and gets its power from MessageLabs, a messaging and Web security services provider

"Although e-mail is the life blood of our business, managing Microsoft Exchange is not a core competency on which we want to focus our valuable IT resources," said real-estate firm Marcus & Millichap Corporate Services’ vice president of technology, Vikram Prashar, in a prepared statement. "Azaleos provided the complete set of messaging services, including business continuity and ProtectXchange for security, that we were looking for, as well as the unique ability to keep Exchange Server safely inside our firewall."

ProtectXchange uses MessageLabs’ spam protection that includes “heuristics rules, Bayesian learning, fuzzy fingerprinting, and other methods to identify and filter unwanted messages.” The company says ProtectXchange also guards against “viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing attacks, malicious links, and other malware.”

ProtectXchange is part of Azaleos’ modular OneStop brand of managed Exchange services. OneStop products are “based on OneServer for Microsoft Exchange 2007, a high availability, hardened e-mail appliance that is managed remotely by experts in the Azaleos network operations center.” Azaleos says a virtualized edition of OneServer is available, which cuts in half (from four to two) the number of physical servers needed for Exchange 2007 deployment

ProtectXchange is an add-on service to Azaleos OneStop; per-month, per-user pricing begins at $4.

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