Symphoniq Releases TrueView 2.0

Latest version features more RIA and Web 2.0 support

Symphoniq has released version 2.0 of its TrueView application monitoring product. The new version includes support for rich Internet application (RIA) platforms, including Silvlerlight, AJAX, and Flash.

TrueView, which runs on Symphoniq's "TRUE" technology, monitors and maintains the performance levels of Web applications by "tagging and tracing problem transactions," the company said in a press release.

In particular, Symphoniq said, companies using Web 2.0 technologies need such a monitoring solution because of the new "management challenges as well as [the] unprecedented levels of brand risk" that Web 2.0 adoption often entails. According to Hon Wong, Symphoniq's co-founder and CEO, version 2.0 of TrueView is the company's answer to those problems.

"TrueView 2.0 represents the evolution of our TRUE technology to address the changing needs of the market so our customers can optimize their Web application and infrastructure performance," Wong said in the press release.

Besides the support for major RIA platforms like Silverlight and AJAX, version 2.0 of TrueView also supports heterogeneous environments. Other features include an "enhanced user interface" that delivers more in-depth data, and the ability to trace and tag both non-page and page-based requests.

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