Data Domain Announces DD690 Dedupe Tool

Deduplication tool features faster throughput and improved power efficiency

Deduplication storage maker Data Domain has released its new DD690 product, a storage system designed for inline deduplication.

The DD690 is capable of single-stream throughput of up to 600GB per hour and an aggregate throughput of up to 1.4TB per hour, an improvement over previous Data Domain products which had throughputs of 150GB per hour, according to the company.

The product features an option called Data Domain Replicator Software that would let it "automate WAN vaulting," the company added in a press release. This capability can be useful for data recovery, tape consolidation over multiple sites, and remote backups. The DD690 is also able to perform deduplications over remote sites globally.

Other features include decreased power requirements and system footprint, easy integration with existing infrastructure, improved deduplication times, and a "Data Invulnerability Architecture" that uses constant verification to ensure data integrity.

"The DD690's performance is phenomenal," said Brian Biles, Data Domain's vice president of product management, in a press release. "While most of our competitors will compete by highlighting disk subsystems that are vastly larger than deduplication storage required, the DD690 shows that with the right architecture, the simplest configuration can also be the most powerful."

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