Double-Take Releases Virtual Recovery Assistant

P2V migration tool automates VMware migrations and promises to reduce downtime

Double-Take Software this week released its physical-to-virtual (P2V) migration tool, Virtual Recovery Assistant.

The Virtual Recovery Assistant lets organizations automate the migration to VMware ESX machines and replicate data changes in real-time. This results in a decrease in downtime, the company said, whereas other solutions would require downtime of up to several hours.

"Most organizations understand the benefits of moving to a virtualized environment but can't afford the downtime associated with migrations, or don't have the time or resources required to move their workloads from the physical world to a virtual one," said Bob Roudebush, Double-Take's director of solutions engineering, in a prepared statement. "This new feature essentially eliminates the costly downtime associated with migrations."

The Virtual Recovery Assistant also does the job of preparing the new virtual environment for migration, automatically installing the appropriate apps, patches and operating system. It can also automate backups of physical servers by automatically moving them to a virtual machine.

According to the company, besides reduced downtime and manual effort, other benefits of the Virtual Recovery Assistant include a reduced number of needed software licenses (resulting in a lower total cost of ownership), as well as "reduced hardware expenses."

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