ArcSight Announces IdentityView

Product gives administrators data on user activity and application access

ArcSight Inc. this week debuted IdentityView, a tool that combines the disparate capabilities of an organization's identity management (IdM) and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.

According to the company press release, IdentityView automatically correlates "multiple user identities to a single identity key" which it then uses to determine whether users are "performing unauthorized activities."

IdentityView also lets administrators know which users are accessing what data, and what they are doing with that data, with the help of included dashboards that organize activity reports based on time or users' roles and rights. Administrators can also track the activity of specific users and the level of access to specific applications or files.

An additional feature is the "Pattern Discovery technology" that creates profiles of user types based on the past actions of previous users. For instance, the company said, "IdentityView can create a profile of an employee who is likely to quit, based on analyzing the activities of previous employees who have left the organization."

"IdentityView marries the power of two critical enterprise technologies," said Rick Caccia, ArcSight's vice president of product marketing, in a press release. "IdM products are designed to manage user and role information. SIEM products are designed to collect real-time user activity information from a wide variety of systems. By connecting the two, IdentityView provides a dynamic picture of who is doing what across the enterprise."

IdentityView supports IdM and access management products from a variety of vendors, including Microsoft and Oracle. Go to for more information.

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