SnapLogic Leverages Amazon Cloud Platform

company teamed with Amazon to add scalability to its hosted data integration solution

SnapLogic announced on Tuesday that it has brought its open source data integration framework into the cloud, facilitating the integration of software-as-service (SaaS) applications. The framework now uses Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) distributed computing system.

SnapLogic's solution lets enterprises integrate data on both sides of the firewall, in addition to enabling the creation of enterprise mashups and rich Internet applications.

In combination with Amazon's EC2, SnapLogic's platform makes it easier to integrate SaaS-based application data, such as data used in's hosted customer relationship management apps, the company claims.

SnapLogic describes its data integration capabilities as "really simple integration." It relies on RESTful Web technology to provide data integration solutions for business IT groups. Users can extract data from databases, SaaS applications and Web services via a browser-based tool.

Amazon's EC2 platform is being used with the SnapLogic solution to reduce server hardware investment costs and help enable application scalability for organizations.

"Amazon Web Services provide highly reliable and elastic computing and storage resources, creating a compelling, cost-effective deployment alternative for data integration infrastructures that have been architected with the Web in mind," explained Steve Rabuchin, director of developer relations and business development for Amazon Web Services, in a prepared statement.

SnapLogic's Amazon Machine Image is available at

-- Will Kraft

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