IBM Announces eDiscovery Software

New product, available at the end of August, is designed to streamline e-discovery process

IBM has announced an extension to its Enterprise Content Management platform, the IBM eDiscovery software, to help companies meet the legal requirements of the e-discovery process.

The IBM eDicovery product was designed to help companies better manage electronic data. It leverages IBM's Enterprise Content Management repositories and existing e-mail archiving solutions to accurately classify and collect information across several sources.

At the core of the eDiscovery software is the IBM eDiscovery Manager, which the company says lets companies manage major e-discovery tasks in-house.

"The explosion of electronic content presents challenges for organizations to retain and produce information efficiently and accurately when needed," said Ken Bisconti, vice president of product and strategy for IBM Enterprise Content Management, in a prepared statement. "Our eDiscovery offerings enable customers to have insight into knowing what information exists, where it is stored, how long it must be kept and how to locate it."

The IBM eDiscovery software will be available at the end of August, the company said. More information can be found at


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