mValent Releases PCI Compliance Automation Module

Helps ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry security standards

mValent Inc. has released its PCI Compliance Automation Module, a tool to help companies ensure that their systems are in compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.

PCI standards were established to ensure the safety of customers' data during credit card transactions. According to mValent, compliance with PCI security standards not only protects an organization's customers but also protects that organization's "brand equity and public reputation."

The PCI Compliance Automation Module helps companies keep customer data secure by ensuring that the systems in which this data is stored meet system access standards. The tool limits access to these systems to only authorized users while making sure that "insecure protocols or services" are constantly deactivated. Admins are alerted whenever there is a change to permissions, access controls or services.

The company is calling the PCI Compliance Automation Module an "extension" to its mValent Integrity product, which lets administrators monitor their environments for compliance problems and possible security weaknesses.

According to a prepared statement by mValent chief technology officer and co-founder James Tauber, "There are just so many areas where one tiny security crack enables a determined hacker to steal the digital identity of thousands. It's exactly this kind of 'needle in the haystack' problem that we architected mValent Integrity to solve. Our new PCI Compliance Automation Module enables customers to find and fix these flaws automatically."

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