PlateSpin Forge 2.0 Released

Latest version features SAN integration and workload migration over a WAN

Novell subsidiary PlateSpin recently released version 2.0 of PlateSpin Forge, a "hardware-independent" disaster-recovery product that uses VMware virtualization to protect x86 server workloads.

PlateSpin Forge 2.0 promises to reduce downtime in the event of a problem because of its rapid workload recovery. It also cuts down on implementation time because the product comes with VMware virtualization, storage, and management software.

The product is geared to protect 10 to 25 workloads, according to the company, and supports 64-bit Windows workloads. For enterprises that may run more than one PlateSpin Forge appliance, the product includes a "central management console."

This latest release of PlateSpin Forge features SAN integration "to enable customers to leverage their high-volume storage investments," the company said in a press release. It also gives users workload migration to a remote recovery site via a WAN, as well as more options to recover workloads through multiple recovery points.

"Customers large and small are increasingly leveraging SAN infrastructures for flexible and scalable high-volume storage. As a result, customers are also looking for solutions that help them to cost-effectively protect their systems across the SAN," said Stephen Pollack, Novell's vice president of business strategy, in a prepared statement. "With an intelligent management console for managing workload protection and SAN-to-SAN replication, PlateSpin Forge allows enterprises to tap into virtualization to protect all workloads running across their organization."

Users can purchase PlateSpin Forge for 10 workloads, and then purchase additional protection for up to 25 workloads. For more information, go to

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