xkoto Releases Gridscale for SQL Server

Database virtualization product allows individual database servers to operate independently of each other

xkoto this week released Gridscale for Microsoft SQL Server.

Gridscale is a database virtualization product that forgoes traditional clustering methods -- such as mirroring, partitioning, and sharing storage between several databases -- in favor of what the company calls a "shared-nothing architecture." This means that individual database servers operate independently of others; each maintains its own database copy. Application see the Gridscale server as a single database.

According to an xkoto press release, Gridscale for SQL Server underwent comprehensive testing at a Microsoft Technology Center which showed that the product is capable of "near-linear scalability for read-intensive workloads." During simulations of network outages and hardware failures, the product received "high marks."

Griscale promises to give businesses increased performance, reliability, and rapid scalability of application loads between SQL Servers. Administrators will also be able to schedule upgrades without fear of affecting system performance, the company said.

"We're seeing strong demand for customers who want to run critical business applications on commodity systems," said xkoto president and CEO David Patrick in a prepared statement. "Gridscale for Microsoft SQL Server will enable businesses to take SQL Server to the next level of performance and reliability."

Griscale for SQL Server offers support for .NET, JDBC and ODBC, as well as DB2 functionality in version 4.1. For more information, go to http://www.xkoto.com/products.

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