ArcSight Logger 3 Released

New features include improved analytics and 35 terabytes of storage.

ArcSight Logger 3 lets companies store, search through, and generate reports on their log data. According to the company, it can search up to 3 million events per second, capture 100,000 events per second and store up to 35 terabytes of log data.

ArcSight Logger 3 is a single-appliance solution -- a boon, the company said, for companies implementing "green initiatives" or that want to reduce their energy consumption and operating costs.

ArcSight Logger 3 also features what the company calls "forensics on the fly." That is, users can perform point-and-click, drill-down investigations into their data from alerts, dashboards, and searches.

According to Hugh Njemanze, chief technology officer and executive VP of ArcSight's research and development department, most log management products force companies to choose between speed, affordability, and data analysis features. "In the past, customers could not get all three," he said.

"We've designed Logger 3 to give the best of all three -- great high-speed search and 'business intelligence-caliber' reporting, fast data capture, and packaged on a single, cost-effective appliance," Njemanze said.

Pricing for ArcSight Logger 3 begins at $20,000. For more information, go to

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