Micro Focus Announces Support for Amazon EC2

Companies will be able to run applications on EC2 via Enterprise Cloud Services

As part of its Enterprise Cloud Services initiative, Micro Focus has announced that it will be helping companies run their enterprise applications on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Amazon EC2 is a Web-based computing platform that lets companies "obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction," Micro Focus said in a press release. Currently, it is available for U.S. and European customers.

Micro Focus' Enterprise Cloud Services program would let companies deploy critical applications in the cloud without interrupting productivity. "Enterprise Cloud Services uses an enterprise's existing encryption keys to secure mission-critical data while in motion (over the network) or while stored on persistent cloud storage," the company said.

According to Micro Focus, its support of Amazon EC2 will increases business' access to the cloud and its associated benefits (among them, a decrease in operational costs).

"We are 100 percent committed to being cloud-agnostic and supporting customers who want to take advantage of Amazon EC2 to cut substantial costs in the coming year," Mark Haynie, Micro Focus' CTO of Application Modernization, in a prepared statement. "We will be alongside every customer as they navigate the cloud with tighter IT budgets and an increased focus on fast results."

In addition, Micro Focus announced that Enterprise Cloud Services will be available to its ISV network as a "new sales channel." ISVs can run COBOL applications in the cloud and let users access them through a SaaS interface.

For more information, go to http://www.cloudservices.microfocus.com.

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