Updated Reflex Systems Virtualization Management Center Adds Performance Monitoring

Release provides detailed analysis, reporting support for virtual servers

Reflex Systems has updated its Reflex Virtualization Management Center (VMC) with a new performance monitoring feature and improved Web-based reporting.

VMC helps IT manage “the complex, dynamic virtual environment, capitalize on the existing virtualization investment, reduce cost through efficient management, minimize downtime and maintain a reliable virtualized infrastructure running critical business-line applications,” according to a company release.

Performance features have been added to complement the product’s management capabilities such as virtual infrastructure discovery and mapping and monitoring of configuration changes. In fact, correlation of infrastructure configuration changes with changes to network services and to security events helps an organization improve its business continuity. Being able to detect bottlenecks an a virtual infrastructure and find overused and underused virtual machines is also key to improving service levels and speed troubleshooting.

With VMC, IT can also conduct forensics and perform root cause analysis and plan for future capacity of their virtual infrastructure.

The new features in VMC let users manage virtual environments from a single display and access timeline-based performance charts.

Reflex VMC can be purchased now. Information and a free trial are available at http://www.reflexsystems.com.

About the Author

James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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