Idealstor Releases Single-License VMware Backup Solution

iBac VIP for VMware Virtual Center lets users backup all VMs from one license

Backup solution provider Idealstor recently released iBac VIP for VMware Virtual Center, a virtual backup product that lets administrators back up all of their virtual machines with a single license, no matter how many ESX hosts are running. (Previous versions of iBac VIP were licensed on a per-ESX host basis.)

iBac VIP for Virtual Center lets administrators forego running scripts or buying additional backup solutions to perform backups for each virtual machine. Instead, they can manage all their virtual machine backups from a central user interface.

Backups can be managed from a remote machine or from a proxy/backup server. And users have the option of performing recovery at the file level, or performing recovery on entire virtual machines either on the ESX host or on the proxy server.

Other features include e-mail reporting, scheduling capabilities, and advanced logging for each backup job.

According to Idealstor chief technical officer Nandan Arora, iBac for Virtual Center succeeds in turning the traditional licensing model -- in which backup solutions depended on how many ESX hosts were running -- "upside down." There is one caveat in his company's solution, however.

"The only limitation is that the backup proxy server will need to be able to handle the load," Arora said in a prepared statement, "but we feel that iBac VIP is affordable enough that if another proxy server needs to be added to handle the load, we will still be far more competitive than the existing players in the VMware backup space."

Pricing for iBac VIP for VMware Virtual Center starts at $5,495. For more information, go to

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