Kofax Transformation Modules Version 4 Released

Intelligently classifies, sorts, and separates paper and electronic documents, then extracts and validates the accuracy of the document information they contain

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Kofax plc, an intelligent capture and exchange solutions provider, today released Kofax Transformation Modules that intelligently automate the classification, sorting, and separation of paper and electronic documents. The modules extract and validate the accuracy of the document information they contain. Combining all Kofax transformation technologies into one platform, Version 4.0 offers new features and enhancements that significantly increase ease of use and application flexibility.

Version 4.0 fully integrates Kofax's Xtrata Pro and INDICIUS technologies into a single, unified platform with added and improved capabilities. A complete and versatile document classification and data extraction offering, Kofax Transformation Modules 4.0 provides one platform to process structured and unstructured forms and documents of any type. This results in greater cost savings, accelerated deployments, and less costly maintenance; it also provides more cost-effective applications with shorter ROIs. Xtrata Pro and INDICIUS will remain an important part of Kofax's offerings in the future and the company will continue to maintain both products.

Kofax Transformation Modules 4.0 provides a “learn-by-example” technology that automates the classification and extraction of information from any form or document type. By feeding sample forms or documents into the system, customers can “train” the software to recognize the form or document type and the specific location of business critical information contained therein. This also results in greater cost savings, accelerated deployments and less costly maintenance and provides more cost-effective applications with shorter ROIs.

Version 4.0 also features several new modules that enhance application flexibility and increase productivity. For instance, Document Review enables users to verify the results of data classification and separation prior to extraction to increase extraction rates and overall throughput rates, and an enhanced verification capability allows data to be double-checked after validation, thereby increasing data accuracy while reducing downstream processing exceptions and delays.

Kofax Transformation Modules 4.0 is now available. More information is available at http://www.kofax.com/.

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