LongJump Releases Installable SaaS Application Cloud Platform

Corporate IT can create private clouds

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LongJump, a provider of software that powers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), today unveiled its LongJump Business Applications Platform which will appeal to enterprises that want the capabilities of a PaaS for custom application development but require more control of the data, such as those dealing with government and civil agencies, financial and compliance processes, and health and patient related information.

Corporate IT has long sought a quick way to visually assemble information management applications for their divisional users. One catalyst is the acute recession that has forced many companies to slash budgets and require IT to cut costs and increase efficiencies within their departments and data centers. LongJump’s Business Application Platform approach improves corporate IT productivity by helping them build a “private cloud” that provides a common foundation for building custom applications which run securely behind their own firewall. LongJump also provides a unified interface, integrates with business data and systems, creates dynamic transactional applications, and easily handles the complex relational information architectures.

With its new offering, LongJump delivers a flexible alternative for corporate IT looking to leverage all the benefits of rapidly building applications in cloud platform as a service but within their own premises. In highly regulated industries such as health care or finance, information security and compliance are paramount and keeping local control of their information is an absolute necessity.

LongJump Business Applications Platform can be licensed by independent software vendors to build and host their own high performance, scalable, multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Enterprises can install the application platform internally, within their corporate firewall, or in a private cloud without worrying about compliance, security, or confidentially issues. They can opt to deploy a private, behind-the-firewall instance, or use a virtualized hosting provider such as Amazon EC2. Companies can choose to outsource infrastructure or use existing internal infrastructure.

It’s critical to any SaaS offering that the underlying data model supports multi-tenancy, an architecture that virtually partitions each account to serve multiple customers from a single shared instance of an application while enabling every account can have its own personalized experience. LongJump’s patent-pending, multi-tenancy Business Application Platform provides businesses with several multi-tenancy configurations, including: multi-tenant/single database, multi-tenant/multiple database, and mixed-tenancy, supporting both models simultaneously.

In addition, the applications businesses create are portable. They can be developed in the cloud and moved to another LongJump deployment in a data center or with another hosting provider. Businesses can benefit from multiple delivery options because the application structure, rules workflows, views, dashboards -- everything that makes an application unique -- can be packaged and moved. The platform also enables companies to create separate development, staging, and production instances, and assign different development roles to each instance. Software releases are packaged and released to each instance until it has been approved for production release, removing a barrier to software development inside the enterprise and enables development teams to productively work the way they always have.

The LongJump Business Application Platform is available now. Call 800.886.9028 for pricing details based on system configuration options; for more product information, go to http://www.longjump.com.

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