Boomi Extends Cloud Integration to Large Enterprises

New release of AtomSphere offered in several editions

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Boomi today released Boomi AtomSphere EDITIONS, including new features and capabilities that enhance support for large enterprise clients. In addition to its Base Edition of AtomSphere, Boomi now offers Professional and Enterprise Editions to solve the integration challenge for companies of all sizes. As the adoption of cloud computing and SaaS technology by large enterprise clients accelerates, integration has become the critical linchpin to success. AtomSphere Enterprise Edition allows large enterprises to exploit all the advantages of a pure SaaS integration platform that delivers enterprise-class integration in a fraction of the time, cost, and complexity of conventional integration products and appliances.

AtomSphere Enterprise Edition allows large companies to incrementally add support for cloud computing and SaaS applications by complementing prior investments in conventional integration products. Enterprises can take advantage of AtomSphere’s digitally-native technology that was purpose-built in SaaS specifically for SaaS integration. AtomSphere supports any combination of SaaS, cloud, and on-premise applications with integration processes that can be deployed securely behind the firewall or just as securely in the cloud. New enterprise edition features include:

  • Molecules: Boomi Molecules are high-performance, enterprise-grade versions of the company’s Atom run-time engine that deliver massive scalability, high availability. and resiliency, fault tolerance and self-healing capabilities, and intelligent load balancing to ensure maximum performance of mission-critical integration processes.

  • Change Management: AtomSphere offers features to support enterprise development lifecycle processes, including separate and dedicated environments for test and production, hands-off promotion between environments, audit trails detailing all deployments and revision histories, rollbacks etc.

  • Enhanced Support for Large-Scale Deployments: AtomSphere includes advanced tools for centralized management, monitoring, and single sign-on as well as an elegant solution for multi-site integration. Through AtomSphere, large enterprises can now tap into the industry’s largest open network of SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications with unprecedented ease. With AtomSphere’s connector SDK, enterprises can easily connect their own in-house applications and leverage existing SOA infrastructure using their own private and secure AtomSphere account.

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