Doing More with Less Top IT Priority, Axios Survey Says

Survey finds that over two-thirds of IT managers are taking on new ITSM projects to address challenges surrounding virtualization

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Optimizing service quality and improving processes is currently a top priority for 61 percent of IT managers in 2009, according to a February survey taken by Axios Systems. This focus is set to last throughout the year as IT teams are tasked with making the most of existing assets and aligning their work to organizational goals. Meeting compliance and governance requirements were seen as main priorities by 29 percent of respondents; only seven percent said a green agenda was the driving forcing behind projects.

The survey also revealed that over two-thirds of IT managers (68 percent) will be implementing new IT Service Management (ITSM) projects this year, as the pressure to do more with less increases. According to 63 percent of respondents, a primary driver for rolling out these projects is to minimize risk and reduce the impact of change on the business. This figure is set to rise in the coming months as increasing numbers of IT teams look to roll out virtualization projects. According to a recent IDC report, the need for sophisticated management processes and tools are more important than ever given the complexities surrounding managing virtual environments.

Barclay Rae, head of global services at Axios Systems ( observed, "Virtual environments present a whole new set of security, network and application issues that need to be addressed. Unless organizations use management tools to map out their physical and virtual IT assets, they will fail to make the most of the benefits virtualization offers. Getting it right with virtualization will also make it far easier when organizations look to embrace cloud computing in coming years.”

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