Vigilant Announces Fulcrum Framework

Advanced tools for rapid, business-driven deployment of security information and event management technologies

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Vigilant LLC, an on-site and managed-security service provider, has released Fulcrum Framework, a specialized security information and event management (SIEM) configuration library that helps large and mid-size organizations contain security operations costs while achieving faster return on investment (ROI) on SIEM technologies. Although products in this market are widely considered to be complex to configure and difficult to keep current, when properly utilized they can dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of security teams.

More than 85 percent of Vigilant’s new customers who made previous investments in SIEM products have said they were frustrated with the results. For companies to achieve the full potential of SIEM, they need both the highly skilled technical resources to manage the precise, granular configuration of the SIEM itself as well as the programmatic guidance that can ensure alignment with larger IT risk management objectives.

Unfortunately, in today’s economy, few companies can afford the skills and human resources needed to execute this properly without some outside help. Most also cannot afford to undertake massive professional services engagements that don’t deliver immediate results. With six years of specialization in SIEM product deployments, Vigilant has built the Fulcrum Framework to capture field-tested best practices so that effective SIEM solutions, tailored to the particular requirements of each customer, can be delivered faster and with higher-quality results.

The Fulcrum Framework has search features that associate the ISO 27002 security standard, many industry-specific standards, and government regulations with detailed, pre-built SIEM configurations needed to achieve compliance and other security program objectives. It provides technical guidance on SIEM within the context of the company’s larger IT risk management program.

The Fulcrum Framework, which supports SIEM offerings by several leading vendors, is an underpinning of both Vigilant’s on-site SIEM integration services as well as its remotely delivered “co-sourcing” offering, a managed service that helps customers achieve ongoing configuration of SIEM at a fraction of the cost of on-site services. Vigilant’s co-sourcing services also offer security risk and maturity metrics and reporting, which are enabled by features of the Fulcrum Framework.

“The Fulcrum Framework addresses the basic ‘Catch-22’ of SIEM technologies,” said Joe Magee, CTO at Vigilant. “The rich capabilities of SIEM can enable IT teams to take security management to a whole new level, both in terms of staff efficiency and actual effectiveness in detecting security threats and achieving compliance. While many people expect key capabilities to be ready-made in the products, in reality it takes a lot of development time. Clients often find themselves burning precious hours managing the SIEM technology rather than addressing security incidents. Our Framework gives clients back those hours, enabling them to focus on operational efficiency and threat response.”

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