BDNA Insight 6.0 Helps Enterprises Reduce IT Costs

Enterprises can find savings in software license compliance, data center consolidation

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BDNA has released BDNA Insight 6.0 to help enterprises reduce IT spending by up to 35 percent. New capabilities help IT track and manage its assets. It also helps in cost-reduction initiatives such as software license compliance, virtualization projects, data center consolidation, and “green” IT.

The new version of BDNA Insight includes major advances in discovery capabilities and in the BDNA Catalog, a comprehensive hardware and software asset catalog that identifies vendor, version, support, power consumption, and space metrics for tens of thousands of industry products. In addition, BDNA Insight 6.0 introduces BDNA Maps, adding new automated relationship discovery and mapping between resources that is critical to understanding and optimizing the complex maze of servers in today’s data center.

BDNA Insight delivers immediate and capturable return on investment to its commercial and government sector customers. For example, one state government’s green IT baseline has identified estimated savings of $40M per year in energy cost savings alone. In another example, a data center consolidation and virtualization project resulted in savings of $8M in cost avoidance in less than one month through the early discovery of thousands of unmanaged servers.

Key BDNA Insight 6.0 Features

The latest major release of BDNA Insight delivers key enhancements to its core solution for IT asset discovery, content, and mapping, including:

  • BDNA Insight delivers a comprehensive, accurate, and immediate IT inventory collection capabilities available. Enhanced discovery capabilities expose the full wealth of inventory data to other applications throughout the IT management ecosystem (such as ITAM, CMDB, ServiceDesk) through appropriate integration interfaces.
  • BDNA Catalog combines accurate, relevant, and current market information about thousands of IT vendors and tens of thousands of products. BDNA Catalog is populated with the largest set of products, versions, licensing, and support details as well as specific data for green IT (power, heat, space), software compliance, consolidation, and other critical initiatives. BDNA Catalog is also available to industry partners as a standalone offering.
  • BDNA Maps is a new component to BDNA Insight 6.0; it delivers broad technology mapping, from applications to virtualization and storage. The first release of BDNA Maps adds completely automated relationship mapping across physical and virtual environments to the BDNA Insight offering, and is designed to give immediate and important visibility into relationships between key IT resources.

BDNA Insight 6.0 is available now. More information is available at

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