ClearSight Networks Improves 3G Mobile VoIP Experience with Network Time Machine 7.0

Network data capture and analysis solution supports demands of increased network traffic and growing mobile Internet services

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ClearSight Networks today announced the release of version 7.0 of its network capture appliance, Network Time Machine (NTM), enabling network administrators to quantify voice quality on 3G mobile networks and meet the demands of increased network traffic and mobile internet services.

The emergence of more VoIP services over the next few years may attract organizations to use mobile VoIP more frequently, but maximizing the quality of service (QoS) related to voice transmissions in wireless communications can be challenging. ClearSight delivers high-quality, end-to-end mobile VoIP; NTM 7.0 captures and analyzes data from audio and visual network transmissions -- such as video conferencing, multimedia entertainment services, telemedicine, surveillance, live video broadcasting, and video-on-demand -- and makes meaningful measurements using MOS, R-values, and other metrics.

Other new features of the NTM 7.0 include:

  • New support for 3G-324M, the umbrella protocol for video telephony in 3G mobile networks
  • Recognition and support of Ethernet jumbo framing of up to 64,000 bytes in size
  • Expanded support for TCP streams, a common protocol used in the transmission of network information

NTM 7.0 is shipping now. More information is at

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