Vormetric Updates Data Security Management for Enterprises

Vormetric Data Security Version 4 delivers multi-domain enterprise encryption system for more efficient, cost-effective, flexible data protection

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Vormetric, Inc. has updated its centrally-managed data security solution for data security management across the enterprise. Vormetric Data Security Version 4 (v4) addresses the needs of enterprises that are rapidly adopting data encryption for mission-critical systems by providing a centralized, manageable, and highly-flexible approach for protecting any file, any database, any application, anywhere it resides.

Vormetric Data Security v4’s multi-domain, multi-role data security management system complements and extends Vormetric's high-performance enterprise encryption capabilities. The Vormetric is especially beneficial for organizations in highly-regulated sectors such as government, retail, outsourcing, and financial services by supporting enterprise policy enforcement and key custodian hierarchies while simultaneously empowering lines of business to implement encryption and access control policies based on their unique needs.

A strong multi-tenant management model available in Vormetric Data Security v4 provides fully customizable audit, key, policy, and host roles, allowing these functions to be controlled in a corporate, business unit/department, or hybrid model. These capabilities facilitate cross-domain information sharing, provide a secure method for diverse entities to securely leverage a centralized key and policy management infrastructure, and are ideal for multi-tenant environments such as hosted offerings and diverse enterprises.

Faced with growing data security threats and compliance requirements, companies are expanding the use of encryption across a wide array of systems throughout multiple business units. With Vormetric Data Security v4, organizations gain a centralized, enterprise encryption system that is easily tailored to meet the needs of any diverse enterprise.

Vormetric Data Security v4 furthers data security management and enforcement through:

  • Multi-domain Security Management: Consolidates the functions of multiple data security managers via domains in a single connected key and policy management system. The Vormetric solution is easy to configure to meet the data governance needs of complex organizations, including: enterprise-to-business-unit oversight; business unit control with enterprise support; or a hybrid model while maintaining separation of duties between domains.

  • Role-based Capabilities: Strengthens separation of duties model through advanced key management, policy management, audit and administrator roles that are easily customizable to meet the structure of any organization.

  • New Platform Support: Delivers extended encryption support for new platforms and systems, including Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and new support for databases running on raw partitions through encrypting at the volume manager layer.

More information is available at www.vormetric.com.

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