Univa UD Expands Cloud Computing Capabilities with Reliance 3.0

Application service governance product is key component for enabling cloud computing environments

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Univa UD has released Reliance 3.0, its application service governance product for enabling cloud computing. Reliance provides the essential intelligence layer for cloud-based infrastructures, making informed and automatic decisions about where to allocate pooled computing resources to ensure application SLAs are consistently met. Version 3.0 uses a new drop-in approach that allows users to implement service governance without replacing existing systems. Reliance 3.0 includes new features such as contention management among multiple applications or users, as well as exclusive provisioning for heightened security.

Application service governors have been described by analysts as the brains of cloud computing environments. "Univa understands the challenges customers face in realizing their cloud vision, because we've been dealing with the same issues – scale-out, capacity on demand, services approach – for years via our grid and data center products," says Jason Liu, president and CEO of Univa UD, Inc. "We provide the proven technology plus the necessary incremental, low-cost approach for internal, external, and hybrid cloud scenarios."

Univa offer application service governance and infrastructure management and provisioning. The company offers a broad available set of cloud enablement solutions, including:

  • Internal/Private clouds which optimize an existing infrastructure to gain cloud-style benefits while allowing companies to maintain autonomy and control<p> </p>

  • External/public clouds which leverage 3rd-party cloud services to outsource computing

  • Mixed/Hybrid clouds which combine internal and external cloud approaches, extending a company's resources from private to public clouds on demand

Univa's experience includes deploying hundreds of production infrastructures and pioneering several of the first external cloud implementations. Univa works with companies of all types, from small businesses to large enterprises, that want to leverage the public cloud to service providers that are building cloud-based offerings for their own customers.

Reliance doesn't require companies to “rip and replace” current systems. It automates resource allocation based on application requirements to ensure SLA-based performance. Reliance plugs into an existing infrastructure and leverages monitoring and management systems to analyze performance issues and then automatically provisions physical and virtual resources as needed to protect customer SLAs.

More information is available at www.univaud.com.

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