NEC Adds Application-Aware Deduplication to Grid Storage Platform

Optimized deduplication for Symantec and CommVault backup and archive applications maximizes efficiency, cuts storage capacity costs

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NEC Corporation of America today announced the addition of application-aware deduplication to NEC’s future-evolving grid storage platform, NEC HYDRAstor, further optimizing efficiency by analyzing incoming data streams and filtering application-level metadata to eliminate its negative impact on deduplication rates.

HYDRAstor application-aware data deduplication offers greater insight into the customer’s data stream by analyzing the user data independently from application metadata, resulting in increased storage efficiency, faster backups and archiving, and reduced costs. According to benchmark tests, the addition of application-aware deduplication for specific applications improved deduplication ratios by up to 70 percent on incremental backups and up to 130 percent on complete weekly backup cycles.

"As companies continue to experience tremendous data growth, deduplication has become a must-have in backup," said analyst Lauren Whitehouse, Enterprise Strategy Group. "NEC’s HYDRAstor has differentiated itself in the secondary storage market through its scale-out architecture and distributed deduplication processing. The addition of application-aware deduplication, adds another layer of optimization, enabling improved reduction ratios without any impact on performance.”

HYDRAstor's global deduplication already cuts data storage capacity needs by 95 percent or more across the enterprise and delivers up to 50 percent more efficient deduplication than siloed VTLs and appliances where deduplication scope is limited to the physical and logical boundaries of each appliance. With the addition of application-aware deduplication, NEC now offers customers even greater efficiency, flexibility and cost reductions for their growing data needs. The latest generation of HYDRAstor is now application-aware and optimized for CommVault Simpana and Symantec NetBackup with support for additional applications coming soon.

The addition of application-aware deduplication to the HYDRAstor storage platform is included under HYDRAstor’s software maintenance agreement and is offered at no additional cost. Existing customers can immediately enjoy the benefits of higher deduplication ratios and improved efficiency, maximizing the return on their original investment.

HYDRAstor is designed to be future-evolving, meaning that nodes of any generation (previous, current, or future) will work seamlessly together. This heterogeneous feature of the HYDRAstor grid platform allows the storage grid to evolve with new greener, denser, faster technologies—without having to start a new grid system and without data migration, provisioning, forklift upgrades, application downtimes and data loss. HYDRAstor's unique "community of smart nodes" enables IT to non-disruptively ride both technology and growth curves so that a single storage grid can continually evolve with greener, denser, and faster nodes.

HYDRAstor with added application-aware deduplication is available now.For more information, please visit

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