FaxBack Enables Microsoft Fax for VoIP

Enables Windows users to send and receive faxes using Microsoft Fax with VoIP phone systems

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FaxBack today announced the first ever VoIP plug-in for Microsoft Fax. FaxBack has developed a new VoIP fax plug-in that enables users of Windows operating systems the ability to send and receive faxes using Microsoft Fax when connected to a VoIP phone system. This capability was previously unachievable without expensive or complex hardware configurations. FaxBack’s VoIP Plug-in for Microsoft Fax provides a no cost, Microsoft based, VoIP fax solution that adds further value to a company’s VoIP investments.

“Small businesses migrating to VoIP can now take advantage of the Microsoft Fax application that comes with Windows,” said Mike Oliszewski, chief technology officer at FaxBack. “This simple download enables these users to have a reliable, yet simple VoIP faxing solution that offers additional faxing options and Microsoft Office integration.”

Microsoft Fax is one of the easiest fax clients to use and most convenient because it is already included in business versions of Windows operating systems. Connecting it to your VoIP infrastructure is very simple and will allow all users in your business the ability to fax from their desktop. VoIP systems include Microsoft Response Point, local VoIP media gateways, and VoIP Service Providers supporting SIP T.38.

Routing inbound faxes to specific users with DID routing is straightforward with the Free Edition of the VoIP Plug-in for Microsoft Fax. By simply adding routing rules on your local VoIP media gateway, users will be able to automatically route inbound faxes directly to the intended recipients desktop.

Users can also install the VoIP Plug-in for Microsoft Fax on their Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) to provide a VoIP fax server that is always available to receive faxes to further enhance their Microsoft Fax solution. With the SBS version of the VoIP Fax Plug-in for Microsoft Fax, the Plug-in is installed on the SBS server instead of individual workstations.

The free plug-in is available at www.faxback.com/msfax/release.

The FaxBack technology is certified by Microsoft and leading carriers including AT&T, Qwest, and Global Crossing, among others.

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