Quantrix DataNAV Combines Query, Analysis, Visualization with Modeling for Improved BI

New tool leverages in-memory analytics, enables business and IT users to create and share analyses for improved BI, planning

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Quantrix has launched DataNAV, an add-on product to the company’s business modeling and analytics solution, Quantrix Modeler. The combined DataNAV and Quantrix Modeler solution is a practical, easily deployed alternative to pairing spreadsheets with BI tools for business analysis and planning.

The new tool makes it easy for business and IT professionals to easily query data sources to develop ad hoc, exploratory, and structured analyses. Proprietary, in-memory analytics offer superior performance for querying, filtering, and aggregating data from very large databases, including those in excess of one billion rows. The new charting engine allows dynamic, side-by-side comparison of multiple charts in multiple dimensions for enhanced visual analysis.

Quantrix DataNAV enables organizations to cost effectively derive new value out of existing data assets by closing the gap between BI and spreadsheets. Benefits include:

  • Faster insight through drag-and-drop query and analysis: A new interface enables users to drag and drop data elements into an analysis to automatically create SQL queries so they can answer questions without IT programming.

  • Visual BI plus modeling: Quantrix Modeler with DataNAV delivers business intelligence capabilities along with multidimensional modeling and analytics. Model visualization offers an important advantage over current data visualization applications, enabling more extensive, contextual analysis, and forward-focused planning.

  • Faster processing: DataNAV leverages in-memory analytics, which performs all data processing on the server rather than the user’s desktop computer, significantly enhancing performance by delivering results quickly on most queries.

  • Leverage of existing BI and CPM investments: DataNAV provides seamless integration with a broad range of databases, data warehouses, PivotTables, CSV files, and business applications.

  • Affordability: DataNAV costs significantly less than traditional BI tools and is affordable for organizations of all sizes. It is sold as an add-on to version 3.5 of Quantrix Modeler Professional and Quantrix 64.

Quantrix Modeler’s multidimensional business modeling and analytics software enables financial professionals to break away from the restrictions of spreadsheet technology to develop financial models of the highest integrity, flexibility, and transparency. The addition of DataNAV significantly advances business analytics capability by closing the gap between spreadsheets and business intelligence.

More information about Quantrix products and a free 30-day trial, visit http://www.quantrix.com.

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