Archivevault Update Improves E-mail Archiving and Management

AtMail adds requested features and availability of ArchiveVault as an add-on

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AtMail, a vendor of Linux-based e-mail management appliances and software, today released ArchiveVault 1.2. The new version of its e-mail archiving software helps organizations simplify e-mail storage and management with new features that provide multi-user support and auto-updates.

New features in ArchiveVault 1.2 include:

  • MD5 Check-summing of messages verifies message integrity to resist tampering
  • Support for multiple users allows more than one administrator to access the archive.
  • Auto-update for version upgrades keeps the software current without requiring the application of a patch

With ArchiveVault, e-mail system administrators can capture, store, and recover incoming, outgoing, and internal e-mail. It provides a secure Web-based management utility to quickly search and find any e-mail.

Maintaining a secure record of business-critical communications, transaction, and intellectual property is especially important to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, HIPAA, the Freedom of Information Act, and other regulations. ArchiveVault allows organizations to quickly resolve disputes and prevent litigation.

The ArchiveVault Software is the same software used in the company's Archive appliance product. The software is now available to download for a one-time fee of (US$ 2500).

More information is available at

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