Entuity Introduces Network Manager Priced for Small and Midsize Enterprises

Eye of the Storm Network Professional Edition offers enterprise functionality

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Entuity, a network management solutions provider, has released Eye of the Storm Network Professional Edition (EYE NPE), a network management solution with enterprise functionality at a price point previously reserved for workgroup-class tools. EYE NPE provides automation, accuracy, and deep functionality for management to cost-effectively keep dynamic and contemporary networks performing at their peak.

A lack of real-time insight can often lead to wasted time and effort chasing “ghosts” or failure to take corrective action. EYE NPE greatly improves operations by automatically surveying the network in real time, updating maps, topology, inventory details, and forensics to allow instant and accurate insight into the status of the network without manual loading device lists.

Networks are not simply “on” or “off.” EYE NPE delivers optimal network performance by going beyond the “red light/green light” signaling typical of low-priced network management tools. EYE NPE provides an intelligent view of object connectivity, root-cause analysis, and a broad range of configurable thresholds, allowing users to pinpoint where problems occur and quickly take action.

EYE NPE includes user-configurable views that represent any logical collection of devices or segmentation of the network. Views represent a higher abstraction of the network, such as a business unit, building, particular floor, department, or the devices assigned to particular operations personnel. EYE NPE collects and reports operational metrics matching specified business processes. Built-in reports (than can be run using the built-in scheduler) in a range of business-ready formats are available to automate reporting and distribution.

The program is based on Entuity's enterprise-class event engine and database that support 85,000 managed objects per server. EYE NPE supports up to 7,500 managed objects on a single server. The product is priced at $22,500.

EYE NPE will be available June 26.  It runs on Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and VMWare ESX Server. More information is available at www.entuity.com.

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