Compuware Updates Service Management Solution

Vantage 11 integrates end-user-experience monitoring, business service management, and application performance management

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Compuware has begun to ship Vantage 11, the latest version of the company’s IT service management solution. Vantage 11 integrates end-user-experience monitoring, business service management, and application performance management so IT organizations can reduce costs and quickly identify and rectify system problems. Vantage 11 is a unified solution proactively identifies issues from the end-user perspective, quantifies business impact, isolates problem areas, and provides “deep-dive analysis” for root cause elimination.

Key capabilities include:

  • An automated, performance-driven service model brings business and IT metrics together with intelligent business rules and relationships to accurately describe how IT supports the business. This enables a graduated, “stepping stone” approach to business service management adoption, saving significant time and resources for business service management implementations and allowing IT organizations to mature effectively to meet business needs.

  • Unified performance analysis eliminates finger pointing and bridges the gap between high-level service views and detailed troubleshooting tools. This capability helps IT to quickly find and fix the root cause of application performance issues, whether the information comes from Compuware or third-party infrastructure monitoring products.

  • Comprehensive end-user-experience monitoring with visibility into overall service delivery and business impact that leverages the strengths of real user and synthetic monitoring approaches.

  • Integrated, in-depth analysis into application performance root cause, including Java and .Net applications, network and server infrastructure elements, and the mainframe.

With Vantage 11, end user experience monitoring, application performance management, and business service management have been integrated into one seamless cohesive solution. The functionality of Vantage’s individual products -- ClientVantage, Server Vantage, and NetworkVantage -- have been enhanced and incorporated in Vantage 11. All of the capabilities that each of these products offered have been folded into Vantage 11.

Key benefits of Vantage 11 include:

  • Improved decision making thanks to more meaningful business-driven service quality metrics that leverage real and synthetic end-user experience and other critical business data. IT organizations can prevent problems from impacting the business, find and fix problems faster, and prioritize problem resolution based on business impact.

  • Reduced the cost of problem resolution (thanks to lowered mean time to repair) and the impact these problems have on the business.

All of the core capabilities come with the Vantage 11 base offering at a single price. As organizations require their specific solution to be scaled to meet the breadth of their application delivery systems, or tuned to specific analysis needs, the cost of the solution will be scaled to meet those specific needs.

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