Zyrion Launches Next-Generation Traverse Business Service Management Solution

Enhancements help large and medium enterprises with actionable information to improve operational efficiency and IT service continuity

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Zyrion Inc., a business service management (BSM) and IT infrastructure monitoring solution provider, has released Traverse 5.0, the next generation of the company’s integrated network and business service management solution. Traverse 5.0 delivers the customization, flexibility, and visibility that helps medium and large enterprises with high-quality and relevant actionable information. The enhanced Traverse solution enables organization to respond more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively to ensure the optimal performance of IT infrastructure and dependent business services.

Information overload is one of the most common barriers to effective and efficient management of IT infrastructure and business services. Most solutions cannot provide relevant, summarized information that users can quickly process to resolve problems or make remediation decisions. Once a problem is identified, legacy management solutions can’t identify the root cause deep within the network infrastructure. The enhanced Traverse solution enables users to access the most relevant information on the performance of business services and infrastructure as quickly and as easily as possible.

Traverse also allows users to go from a business service view to an infrastructure component view and down to the specific offending metrics with a couple of mouse clicks, improving operational efficiency and business service continuity.

Intuitive Visibility

Traverse provides real-time visibility into the performance of IT services. Traverse's innovative Business Container and Service Level Management technology enable IT and business personnel to create unique virtual views of discrete business services, and align infrastructure technology with business outcomes. The new features in Traverse build on top of the core capabilities of Traverse, and include:

  • RealView Dashboard: Allows users to create a real-time dashboard and display graphs, tables, and charts for any metric in real-time. The flexible RealView dashboards allow organizations to organize and view any IT metrics alongside custom business service metrics and create an integrated dashboard. For example, a senior manager can look at the response time of user transactions alongside the number of users on the system. IT managers can have personalized real-time views of the performance of services and infrastructure, enabling more effective network and business operations management.

  • Network Flow Analysis: Traverse 5.0 adds integration with network-flow and packet-level data collection products to provide seamless drill-down from system and device level dashboards, to troubleshooting and analysis using flow and packet data. This open integration with existing products allows customers to preserve their investment in flow and data analysis products, while providing the benefits of instant drill down from a high level service container view to the flow or packet analysis view. This seamless integration enables quick identification of impacted IT services, trouble areas, and problem sources. Traverse is the only solution that combines a network monitoring and BSM platform with powerful flow-based troubleshooting capabilities for the fastest mean-time-to-resolution of IT service degradation or outages.
  • Panorama: Traverse discovers L2/L3 network topology using protocols (such as CDP, EDP, LLDP, and GVRP) and instantly displays a graphical representation of devices in the network. Additionally, by overlaying the service container topology on top of the physical network topology, users can create visual relationship maps between business services and the underlying infrastructure, enabling better problem isolation and root-cause analysis.

“With this new release, Zyrion is addressing the data deluge that often paralyzes IT by providing a BSM solution that is affordable, intuitive to use, and quick to install,” said Vikas Aggarwal, founder and chief executive officer of Zyrion Inc. “Traverse continues to bridge the information gap by providing enterprises the ability to more efficiently and effectively determine how infrastructure performance degradation affects business-critical services.”

Traverse 5.0 is available now; pricing starts at $50,000 with an average price of $90,000. For a free 30-day trial or to view a demo, visit www.zyrion.com.

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