Pano Logic Expands VMware Support in Virtual Desktop System

Pano System 2.7 offers support for the latest VMware infrastructure, increased scalability, easier management capabilities.

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Pano Logic announced the newest version of its desktop virtualization solution, Pano System 2.7. The new release provides IT administrators with new policy-based installation and remote management capabilities, as well as increased scalability, making deploying and managing virtual desktops much easier. This release also adds support for the new VMware’s vSphere 4 virtualization infrastructure.

Pano System 2.7 offers many new features that enhance or enable new capabilities:

  • Updates to supported VMware infrastructure: Added support for the new VMware vSphere 4 ESX, ESXi, and vCenter Server 4 components along with continuing support VMware VI3 and VMware View Manager 3.1.

  • Increased Scalability: Makes scalability easier to implement and twice as fast when using VMware vCenter to scale out virtual desktop architectures.

  • Policy-based installs and updates: Makes performing group policy installs and updates of the Pano Direct Service seamless and automatic; allows Pano Manager to be updated from within the administrator interface.

  • Remote user logoff and disconnect commands: Lets administrators use the Pano Manager interface to logoff and disconnect users accessing their desktop virtual machines (DVMs) via Pano Devices for one-console management.

  • Expanded USB device support: Offers broader support for USB devices using native Windows drivers.

Pano System 2.7, including the Pano Device and backend software, is available now with pricing starting at $329 per desktop for the current chrome finish Pano Device. It is also now available with the Pano Device in a black finish at just $319 per desktop The optional Pano Remote USB key provides remote access to Pano virtual desktops and is priced at $35 per user. The Pano System running on VMware’s new vSphere 4 Essentials editions can provide a complete virtual desktop offering for under $500 per desktop. For more information, contact 1-650-454-8953 or visit

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