V1 Document Management Launches in U.S.

Global document management software firm launches American-based sister company, V1 Document Management.

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V1 Document Management specializes in the electronic creation, scanning, delivery, authorization, and management of financial documents. Tightly integrated into all major accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, V1 Document Management’s solutions eliminate the paper-based storage, duplication, and circulation of all types of finance document including invoices, statements, and purchase orders. Using these solutions, mid-sized organizations can significantly cut costs, reduce staff time spent on administration, free-up document storage space, and enjoy a return-on-investment within just six months.

From a simple scanning system to a full end-to-end “paperless office” solution, V1 Document Management provides a range of solutions to fulfill companies’ document management and imaging needs including data capture and document authorization systems. The data capture solution uses sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) technology for the automated capture of data from inbound invoices, cutting manual data entry by up to 90 percent. V1 Document Management’s authorization solution enables scanned documents to be automatically circulated between different offices for electronic authorization.

V1 Document Management’s systems also aid compliance (including helping to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley) and by reducing paper-use, they also support companies’ environmental policies.

For further information, visit www.v1documentmanagement.com.

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