Compuware Releases Xpediter with Eclipse 2.0

Innovations help mainframe developers support mission-critical applications

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Compuware Corporation today announced the release of its next-generation upgrade of Xpediter with Eclipse 2.0, its industry-standard analysis and debugging tool that enables less experienced IT professionals to support mission-critical business applications more quickly using a familiar point-and-click environment.

As mainframe IT professionals continue to retire, IT leaders must find new personnel to maintain and enhance their critical mainframe business applications. This loss of experienced developers also means the loss of the institutional knowledge essential to supporting the organization’s critical systems.

Compuware Xpediter helps the next generation of developers analyze applications and quickly understand the business processes and data flows in those applications, avoiding an unnecessarily steep learning curve. Xpediter with Eclipse 2.0 also helps these new developers become productive quicker by moving away from the traditional “green screen” interface and providing a modernized point-and-click environment, to which these new employees are accustomed.

“The point-and-click access helps the next generation of Mainframe developers feel more comfortable, but the real value is in Xpediter’s ability to help new developers understand years of business processes and data flows that were coded into these mission critical business applications.” says Rose Rowe, vice president of mainframe solutions for Compuware.

Xpediter with Eclipse 2.0, part of the company’s mainframe solutions family that work together to help address four leading IT challenges: achieving greater productivity with fewer resources, complying with data privacy laws/rules, improving application performance with less downtime, and transitioning a new workforce into a multi-tier enterprise environment.

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