Texas Memory Systems Releases Flash-based 100 TB Solid State Disk System Rated at 5 Million IOPS

New RamSan-6200 SSD delivers 5 million I/Os per second and 100 terabytes of storage, uses only 6 kilowatts

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Texas Memory Systems today announced the RamSan-6200, its fastest, most reliable, and highest-capacity solid state disk (SSD) system. The RamSan-6200 offers up to 100 terabytes of Flash-based storage in a single 40U rack configuration that can sustain a record 5 million input/outputs per second (IOPS) with 60 gigabytes-per-second throughput while using a little over 6 kilowatts of power. To achieve the equivalent level of performance with hard disk-based storage arrays would require several thousand of the fastest, most expensive 15,000 RPM hard disk drives.

Initially designed to meet the specific requirements of a customer with extreme performance needs, the RamSan-6200 now sets a new standard in performance, value, and efficiency for enterprise applications that demand performance and reliability, such as data acquisition, data warehousing, modeling, simulations, rendering, and video editing.

“The RamSan-6200 changes the storage equation for large databases, science and research labs, seismic processing, video, and federal government installations,” said Woody Hutsell, president of Texas Memory Systems. “It’s the only currently available SSD system offering anything remotely approaching this storage capacity and performance.”

The RamSan-6200 is a scaled up, highly reliable system that combines 20 RamSan-620 solid state disks in a single data-center rack and uses Texas Memory Systems’ exclusive TeraWatch software to provide unified management and monitoring from a single GUI console. The system utilizes enterprise-grade Single Level Cell (SLC) Flash as well as multiple levels of RAID and advanced Flash management algorithms to provide extreme reliability.

The RamSan-6200 is available now from Texas Memory Systems and its partner network. More information about the RamSan-620 is available at www.ramsan.com/products/ramsan-6200.htm.

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