CA Adds Mainframe 2.0, Eclipse Support to Application Testing Tools

Updates help IT organizations streamline core software QA

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CA today released updated application testing tools as part of its Mainframe 2.0 initiative that focuses on modernizing mainframe ownership and easing the transfer of management tasks to a new generation of IT professionals.

In addition to leveraging CA’s Mainframe 2.0 technology, CA’s testing and debugging tools -- CA InterTest Batch and CA InterTest for CICS -- now feature a graphical user interface (GUI) based on the Eclipse platform, making it easier for experienced and novice mainframe staff alike to execute core testing and debugging tasks that historically have been time-consuming phases of the mainframe application development and deployment lifecycle.

CA also released a new version of CA SymDump for CICS, its abend analysis solution, that uses the new Mainframe 2.0 implementation functions.

IT organizations must satisfy more demanding time–to-market expectations, rigorously maintain quality and performance standards, and comply with increasingly stringent regulatory mandates -- all despite limitations in mainframe staff resources. CA’s newly enhanced application testing tools help customers cope with these pressures by streamlining and simplifying core quality assurance tasks.

Eases Support of SOA Implementations

The new releases of CA InterTest and CA SymDump for CICS leverage Mainframe 2.0 components including CA Mainframe Software Manager (which automates implementation and shields IT staff from underlying SMP/E complexities) and a Best Practices Guide that shortens the learning curve for IT staff by providing comprehensive information about product installation, configuration, and deployment.

The new CA InterTest GUI helps developers efficiently re-use and re-purpose existing mainframe application code to further improve productivity and support service oriented architecture (SOA) implementations. By plugging CA InterTest tools into their larger Eclipse-based integrated development environments, customers can more easily and seamlessly debug end-to-end composite applications that include mainframe, distributed, web, and/or mobile components.

CA InterTest for CICS, CA InterTest Batch, and CA SymDump for CICS are key components of CA’s comprehensive suite of mainframe application quality and testing tools that also includes solutions for file and IMS data management, batch and system fault management, application performance management, and quality assurance testing.

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