Free Infoblox VMware Download Replaces Spreadsheets for Enterprise IP Address Management

Provides network discovery and IP address management functions

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Infoblox Inc. has unveiled a new freeware tool that provides network discovery and IP address management (IPAM) functions crucial to maintaining network availability and security and reducing operational costs. The Infoblox IPAM Freeware application replaces manual processes, custom scripts, and spreadsheets with out-of-the-box automation and graphical tools that make it easy to monitor and manage IP devices and networks.

With the ever-increasing number of new devices being added to enterprise IP-based networks, management challenges are escalating, consuming an increasing portion of limited IT resources and budgets. The new, free VMware version of the Infoblox IP Address Manager module provides an intuitive graphical user interface, with a highly customizable and easy-to-use dashboard, that consolidates and automates layers of traditionally manual IP address management tasks, saving time, reducing errors, and lowering costs. A network map feature allows quick visualization and management of large blocks of network address space and subnets, making it easier to see which network address ranges are used or available.

The tool also performs network discovery to automatically populate the system with IP, MAC address, operating system, and other information. Smart folders, similar to iTunes playlists, enable easy, dynamic network IP data management any way the administrator prefers. The Infoblox IPAM Freeware fully supports both IPv4 and IPv6 networks and devices, enabling the transition to IPv6.

The new Infoblox IPAM Freeware for VMware, with support for up to 500 IPs, is now available at the Infoblox Web site:

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